Hi there! I'm Katy, and I'm especially glad you are here.

I hope you'll find here a story of gratitude and expectation, of obedience and redemption.  

Our family has had an eventful journey, or at least it's felt that way to us. Some seasons have been comfortable, some strenuous, but as I look back it's always those seemingly uncertain steps of faith that have fostered deepest joy.

Alive moments for me are

Alone before dawn with my Bible and coffee.
Painting at my easel. Or brushing watercolors on a page with my kids.
Hours spent throughout the week with our beautiful refugee friends.
Holding hands with my husband.
Helping an assortment of thrift store finds come together to create a peaceful and cozy space.
Stimulating and encouraging conversations with friends.
Cooking. With my "French Cafe" Pandora station playing.
Witnessing lives full of sacrifice, those who have cared for children, who have gotten to know the "unlovely" and discovered their loveliness. In Jesus' name.

Jesus. When I glimpse His powerful yet gentle love, and see the way he makes himself known in our lives, that is when I feel most alive.

My husband currently works toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation with Love146

We have a couple fantastic and highly energetic boys, 
and are in the process of a foster care adoption.

Online you can also find a bit of art here, and some additional writing here.

If you'd like to "comment" please email me! I absolutely love and value anyone who chooses to read the words here and I want to hear what you have to say. I can never pass up an inspiring true story, and I'd love to hear yours.