Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Perfect Valentine's Date

As I watch my babies play I'm overjoyed that their roots are spreading in the soil of security and love, and praying the Lord will use this to draw them closer to Himself. I pray constantly that they will love God passionately, and love others sacrificially and graciously as they grow into men.

And as I see them run around freely in the backyard I'm also shattered by the reality that so many children's roots are deepening in the soil of abuse, mistrust, lies and evil. They are not protected. They are hurting, bodies and souls pillaged.

This is the reality of our world and it can be crushing.
But there is such Hope. God is moving in the hearts of many to act and to love. We get to be a small part of his big plan, the greater story.

The Love146 office here in Texas is working hard to pull together a great evening of celebration for the abolition work being done, share what will be happening in the future, and most importantly, raise the money needed for the work!

We would love so much to see YOU there if you're near this area! Please consider joining us for the first annual dinner gala, "A Portrait of Love." Tickets are on sale now. Just think what a great Valentine's Date this would make!