Thursday, January 09, 2014

A Story About Life-Changing Interruptions

If you've been around this blog long you've read this story, but I'm sharing it over at ITakeJoy today with hope of encouraging mothers. Love to you, friends.
I saw something very touching one cold winter’s evening in New York City.
Or maybe heartbreaking is a better word.
As I was descending into the subway station to wait for the train, a man was standing on the platform near the wall.
From my quick peripheral observation, which I sadly mastered during my time living in New York City, I could tell he was homeless.
The assumption was confirmed when I heard him mumbling something to people as they passed by.
To each person he murmured the same phrase. I couldn’t tell what he was saying, which I thought probably meant he was drunk or mentally ill.
I gathered all this in about two seconds time as I watched the person a few steps ahead of me pass him by, not even glancing his way.
Then, I passed by, not even glancing his way.