Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just This And That

Sometimes ya gotta to take dinner outside, even if it's freezing. 

The purple flowers. This boy runs and picks a new handful every time he leaves the front door and brings them to me with such excitement. "Look what I got for you, Mommy!" I don't have to act excited every time because I am genuinely excited and delighted every single time. This may be one of the sweetest things a little boy does for his mommy in my book. (And he wouldn't quit chewing his food to smile for a pic.) Can't ever forget this.

Early morning drives to the outskirts of town help when little ones wake up at 5am.

We listen to music and bid the cows a good morning.

Caught this sneaky little fella. (How can I blame him, though, when just moments before I was in there sneaking bites of cookie dough?)

Can I tell you how much we love our friends where we live? We love our friends where we live. 
And the past week the reality of leaving them really hit me. We have just over six weeks left with these folks, and that's a little crushing. They have been such gifts to us. I'll gush more on that later. Here are a few pics from a gathering last week.

Yes, an egg toss.

And an assortment of other games...

Happy Monday.