Friday, March 08, 2013

Creating Free Time (then filling it up again)

I remember years of riding in the car with my parents listening to G.T. and the Halo Express. All the songs in the audio stories where straight bible verses. We knew them all by heart. To this day, I recall those verses all the time.

Recently I've committed to less screen time. Less scrolling through mindless words, and less consumption of even some of the really helpful and useful stuff. There are three check points in the day- morning, noon and night- for email, blogs, news and insta-everything. 

It's freed up time to do other things I feel important with my children and around the house. It's freed up mental space to pray for the long list I want to pray for but sometimes don't, and for the list of people I commit to pray for, but sometimes don't. It really has just been... freeing. (This App is one of the best things about my phone. Messages pop up throughout the day reminding me of those things for which I want to pray.)

I want fill up those previously-insta-moments with stuff that will last.  Along with prayer, I want to memorize scripture.

Last year, a couple friends and I started memorizing the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5,6 and 7) and successfully got through a handful of verses. We trailed off after that.

Today I'm jumping back in.

As I've learned from my G.T. days, my best memory tool by far is song. I must have sung Matthew 5:1-12 several hundred times last year as I rocked Jackson to sleep. It kind of became his lullaby.

So here goes. On to "You are the salt of the earth..." I'm thinking Sound of Music.


A Holy Experience (Ann Voskamp) has great resources and encouragement for scripture memory. That's where we got our Sermon on the Mount inspiration last year. This year Ann is going through Romans. I thought I'd first finish up where I started before moving on!