Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Importance of Place

I want to preserve a memory of my little guys' room before it's all taken down in a few months. (More on that to come.) So here are a just a few shots of the little pieces that are special to me, taken a few months ago before converting big brother's bed... pictures, colors, textures, handmade, inherited, thrifted, furniture painted over for the seventh time, blankets and pillows sewn, lovies, favorite books, and the "Chamonix" poster from which many of our bedtime stories about the two adventuresome French brother, George and Pepe, derive....

My theme for their room has been "Adventure." One would not be able to tell that by simply glancing around, but as I've decorated the last couple years I've chosen little pieces that signify adventure, courage and strength. These are themes I pray for my boys.