Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Today's Snapshot

Dear boys,
You guys are wonderful.

You keep me laughing most of the day and we have the best time dancing and being silly.
I am a blessed girl to be able to spend my days with you.

Caedmon, today you wrote your first book. Maybe you have no interest in ever writing another, or maybe you will go on to write many more. Either way, I'm so proud of you. You told me exactly what to write down and I did verbatim. You drew pictures to match. It's awesome. To sum it up in a few words... giants, sling-shots, more giants. And even Mommy made an appearance. We had a blast doing it together, then you laughed so hard as we read it to Daddy. We also built a zoo this morning. Actually, I built most of it and then you enjoyed destroying it within five minutes.

I love when you said very seriously, "I have some bad news... I think I'm scared of the dark."

Lately, we have been telling you about the meaning of your name: Wise Warrior. You love that and especially the part about warriors fighting. We will continue to talk this through.

You are such a gift.

Jackson. Oh, Jackson. We cuddled a lot today. You love being held and I love holding you. We sang "Old McDonald had a farm" about 33 times, and you wanted more. We had some good stretches alone together while Caedmon was sleeping so we sat in the big blue chair and read. You ate 2 cookies and then cried for more. You and Caedmon giggled and played with a green bouncy ball all over the living room, then later you two ran up and down the hallway as fast as you could (until you were knocked over and hit your head pretty hard.)

You guys didn't eat super healthy today. There were waffles, cereal, cookies, crackers, and pizza involved. Hopefully you survive.

Thank you for being my best little buds all day, every day. I'm so proud of you.
See you in a few hours!

Love, Mommy

Yep, that's how the kitchen table looked.