Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

My hair is yanked as an adventuresome boy attempts to scale my torso. I have baby drool running down my leg as the little one steps on my toes trying to crawl in to my lap, yelling at the top of his lungs for something I can't figure out. Sometimes I laugh in these moments and experience them as a gift, but today, not so much. 

My mood is already dark as I've dealt earlier in the morning with unmet expectations, a messy house, and of course, lack of sleep. I've had a nice little pity party.

I want to call a friend to help but then I tell myself they all have their own stuff going on. I think of throwing everyone in the car and driving as fast as I can three hours south to my parents' home, but that's impractical today, and expensive. Not an option.

I don't have the energy just now to collect myself and turn things around. I can't muster the creativity to play pretend, or the strength to get everyone dressed and head to the frigid backyard. TV is an option. But they watched too much over the holidays and I'm determined to get back to our leaner schedule. 

And how in the world is it only 9:35 am?

Both boys are suddenly loudly whining and wanting I don't know what... attention? I feel like all I do is give attention. My day is made of genuine care, love and attention. Why must they scream for more right now?

My husband steps out of the room where he's doing a little work from home, and I'm not proud of what happens next.

I run.
Literally run.

I snap something at my husband about needed a minute as I go and I'm into our room with a louder-than-necessary close of the door.

He's left standing confused and speechless, and now has two criers hanging on his legs.

I jump into my unmade bed and pull the covers over my head. I wish for the flu. A feverish day in bed equals a day off and that isn't sounding too bad.

Within moments I'm convicted and know I can't stay in bed all day. 
I have to go back out there. 
But I'm not ready. 
But that doesn't matter. 
My husband has to work and I have to go out there.
I vaguely recall a few applicable Psalms and try to focus on them for a second. But all I can really do is pray, "God, help me. Please, help me."

I go back out, regain a bit of composure, and get to work on lunch. I pray again for strength and resolve that this day can be what I make it. Yes, there are a few circumstances outside of my control, but the pity party has to end and the perspective has to change.

The party ends, the perspective changes.
God is gracious to get me through those moments, though I hate that they ever happen at all.

He provides supernatural strength and encouragement in His Word.
And He seems to bring articles, authors or books across my path every once in a while that really speak to me.

Among those, two authors that have been greatly encouraging and offer such wisdom are Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. These two wonderful women and kind friends have just joined forces and written a fabulous book together: Desperate - Hope for the Mom Who Needs To Breathe. Here's a little review I gave:
Sarah Mae and Sally’s words are compelling, captivating, and entertaining. Mothers may be knee-deep in dishes and diapers, but they’re destined to change the world. The fusion of personal stories, brutal honesty, and biblically-based wisdom make this book a timely gift to a new generation of women. I’m left with renewed vision and deep gratitude.
It's launching this week and I'm telling you, it's fantastic. I'm buying several copies for gifts.

I know most moms can recount a handful of "desperate" moments. My friends and I laugh about them after the fact, but there's nothing funny when you're in the moment.

Moms need to understand that they are not alone.  We love our children with a love indescribable, but for most of us there are just very difficult moments. We need older, wiser women coming alongside them to guide and sympathize and train. This book takes on the model of a mentoring relationship between the younger and older author and holds such honesty and insight.

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