Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013!

We had so much fun ringing in the New Year around 8pm with our little ones!

After everyone was in bed last night, Kristian and I were talking about the past year. It was the most trying year our little family has experienced, but even in that we are overwhelmed with gratefulness for the ways our hearts and minds were stretched. Growth and change don't usually ever happen in the midst of total comfort, so we rejoice for our discomforts and growing pains. The measure of grace God gives is unbelievable.

As we look ahead to what we already know about 2013, we can name a few of the certain ups and downs we'll face. There will be a new job, most likely a move to another state which of course means a little piece of our hearts being left behind, again, as we say goodbye to some of the most amazing friends and community. (More on that later)

Vintage New Years postcard I found the other day at an antique shop in Tulsa
There will be new and exciting adventures in 2013 and countless moments when we will be overwhelmed with thankfulness. 

We talked last night about how we are tempted to compare our own story to the stories of others around us, and how that's not really ever helpful. In 2013 we will embrace our story- the one God has given us. We will embrace the good and the bad and see them all as gifts from God. That's always easier said than done, but I've seen the power in making it a practice and a habit, even when it doesn't come naturally.

Happy New Year to you! Thank you for your kindness and encouragement as you visit this little corner of the world wide web. You are each appreciated, loved and valued.