Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life-Changing and Life-Giving Christmas!

Growing up my family loved traditions, and my husband and I have found the same enjoyment creating traditions in our own home. So much so, in fact, that we try to incorporate them year-round.
From Fourth of July root beer floats, to Friday night homemade pizza and a movie, and Sunday breakfast, traditions fill our calendar. They’ve become the rhythm of our life.
This is especially true during the Holidays. We love to embrace every magical moment from setting up the Christmas tree, to decorating cookies while watching a classic Christmas movie.

Several years ago, we realized something important about our Christmas traditions. Most of them – including our gift-giving – centered on us. They were nakedly aimed at of our own enjoyment. We asked ourselves whether we might somehow expand their purpose. We wondered how the Lord might want us to include others in our holiday rhythms in a more meaningful way.

We found that our friends and family were asking similar questions and taking steps toward incorporating some new holiday traditions in their homes as well.
And so our journey began.
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