Friday, November 02, 2012

Homemade Halloween

Diego and Baby Jaguar!

Even though Jackson looked more like a puppy or giraffe than a jaguar, both boys had a great day and it was really fun getting their costumes together. I couldn't find a little vest for Caedmon at a thrift shop so turned a canvas bag upside down, cut off the handles and cut a slit down the front. Jackson sported a $1 Goodwill lion costume with a smattering of hot-glued brown "jaguar" spots.

Mid- Halloween day my good friend ended up giving us an actual vest which was much cuter for Caedmon to wear if he wanted it, but he insisted on sticking to the one I'd made, which I of course found very precious.

It was a great evening spent with friends and neighbors and beautiful weather... I'd say my favorite Halloween since I was young.