Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear Sweet Boys.

Little excerpts from letters(emails) recently written to my boys. Not much concern for punctuation  wording, eloquence, etc. Just thoughts and memories. 

(full disclosure: This picture is deceiving  He never lays around like this reading though I always encourage him to. It was a one-time event I happened to catch on camera.)

"Dear sweet Caedmon,
Yesterday we had your big-boy bed ceremony! You and Daddy worked together to remove the side off your crib. You were so excited and I was holding back tears as that piece of our present suddenly became history.  You have slept in that crib almost every night of your life and now it is a memory. 

That crib holds great memories. Watching your sleeping face, rocking together before laying you down, countless bedtimes stories, pup, "soft blanket", "rough blanket", "pilbow" (pillow), "one mo hug and kiss?", hearing you sing or talk to yourself.

It holds a few rough ones too" .....

"It's cliche to say, but so true - I can't believe how fast time is going and you are now almost three. Unreal"....

"Jacksie Boo,
You melt my heart many times throughout the day. You of course have your really rough moments too, but your disposition overall is so sweet and silly. 

One of my favorite moments is going to pick you up from your nap. I hear you calling or crying so I go in to the office where you are taking naps right now in the pack and play. I say, "HIiiii Jackson!!" and you are starting to say "Haaah!" in return. You reach and I pick you up. You immediately start pointing your finger out the door and as we walk out and into the hall you point your finger into the kitchen and then to the cabinet where the snacks are kept. That's you- always wanting a snack. 

Before I get the snack though usually we stand in front of the mirror in the living room and I give you lots of kisses and tickle you and you look in the mirror and laugh and squeal. You are the most cuddly little guy"...