Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fastening My Attention

On my heart recently:

Where does my mind most often dwell?
Where am I drawn?

One definition of dwell is to exist in a given place or state.
And another: To fasten one's attention.

On what is my attention fastened?
Am I focused on loving God? Not just saying it, but really loving Him and learning to understand what that means?
Am I focusing on loving people? The ones who He has placed in my home? And put in my path?

Am I focused on making God's name great, or my own?
Am I focused on serving others' needs, or my own?

Am I wasting precious, valuable, irreplaceable moments?
Am I fastened on this gift of time I've been given?
Am I cramming it too full?

I'm certain that it's HIS Dwelling Place that will satisfy, and that He is daily inviting me.

{pages from my journal}

And one of my favorite verses and reminders which I go back to throughout the day...
Regardless of location, circumstance, trial, emotion...