Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Making of a Journal

I've had a couple people ask so I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into how I make my journals. It's super simple, but it changes my whole journaling experience. The images, verses and quotes inspire my need-for-beauty spirit. Honestly, if I don't love looking at my journal, I usually just won't journal. 

Once or twice a year I try to take about an hour and a half (nowadays, usually while the boys nap) to create a journal. I go through and do a bulk of it all at once, and then add here and there if I find an image or quote I love over the next several months as I use it.

So this is just my most recent journal. The journal itself was an old one I had but had only used a handful of pages a while back, so I just ripped them out to start over. I prefer to use journals with thicker paper like this 90lb. sketch paper, just a few dollars at Hobby Lobby. The dimensions on this particular one are 6x8 inches. I also find that I usually prefer spiral bound books because they are a little easier to write in, but I have many of both types. 

For my birthday I got this lovely label and sticker set from Rifle Paper Co. (available at Anthropologie) and I am going through them so quickly. I put them on everything from cards, to my planner, to my journal. They just make things extra pretty. Is it odd that I'm playing with stickers at my age? Perhaps. 
(By the way, I love every single thing from Rifle Paper Co.)

All I did to embellish the front was use one of the stickers from my set and wrote...

On the first page I leave a place to record the dates the journal was used, as well as my name and phone number.

Then I take all sorts of magazine clippings that make me happy. Usually these are images from free catalogs (like Pottery Barn here). I've also found some other fun used magazines for sale at our library for 10 cents each. I don't clip pictures of material things I want (that would just make me discontent), but inspiring images that strike me as beautiful. This is my current "title page"...

I find around Fall I end up with a lot of pictures of candles, cozy blankets, hot drinks, lanterns, woodsy nature shots, fireplaces, and things like that.

I write words, verses, and all kinds of quotes throughout...

And I tape or glue in the clippings here and there...

In the back of the journals I usually have several pages reserved for various lists....

Books I Want to Read 
Completed Books
Gift Lists
And several pages to record memories of the boys. (I have found my journal to be the best place to write down funny stories and milestones for the boys since it's usually on the kitchen table or counter throughout the day and I can jot things down real quick. Later I can make copies and add to their baby books.)

Somewhere in the journal I love to stick this Parenting Manifesto of Joy from A Holy Experience, and also the Mother's Prayer Calender and Prayer Calender for Your Husband from Inspired To Action. I go back to these all the time.

At the beginning, right after the date page, I like to give a snapshot in a few paragraphs of what life looks like currently... what life stage we are in, what I'm learning, etc. I've loved going back to past journals and looking at these.

Also, as time passes I always stick in little notes from Kristian or friends, and scribbles from the boys drawn on scraps of paper. Similarly, if a certain whirlwind-of-destruction child spills or smears something on a page of the journal, I've decided not to sweat it and instead date it and write what happened... I think I will miss those moments one day. 

Here are a couple shots of a journal my friend had me make for her recently...

I love at least one pocket somewhere. 
You can just create one by taping the bottom and sides of a piece of paper to the back inside cover.

Fun inspiration for food presentation...

So there ya have it. Nothing revolutionary. Just fun. 
Happy Journaling!