Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adventures of a Hopeless Romantic

A little country drive west of town yesterday provided such "scope for the imagination" as Anne of Green Gables would say :)

Caedmon loved seeing the cows, horses, and barns, and I loved the incredible weather, music playing, and a few minutes with both boys strapped in their seats.

Seeing a couple old deserted houses reminded me of relics I collected years ago. On long family road trips, usually traveling to Colorado or New Mexico, my dad would veer way off the beaten path and find abandoned homes that had been uninhabited for years. Roofs caved in, snakes, bugs, staircases gone, overturned furniture... scenes were right out of a movie. Our imaginations ran wild.

We collected all sorts of treasures on those explorations. I recently came across these papers. I love dreaming about the history and stories surrounding them.