Saturday, August 11, 2012

Organizing and such

The last few weeks I've been loving the site IHeart Organizing. Probably like most people, I go through seasons where I feel the need to clean with a vengeance. Been feeling that lately. When justifying disorganization around the house I've had to quit using the excuse that "I just had a baby" since that little guy is walking around now. Sorry for blaming my piles on you, Bud. 

So in the past couple weeks unsuspecting corners of our home have been attacked and conquered... the laundry room, the boy's closet, the hall closet, the little coffee/tea cabinet, the fridge and freezer, and my desk is still in progress. I have all the components to assemble these gems because precious works of art are already stacking up. You should really check out that site and be inspired.

My incredible friend, Murph, sent me the most thoughtful early birthday gift, in true Murph fashion. Look at these great magnets made from instagram pictures she ordered through Stickygram. I'm so in love.

Special birthday breakfast last week with my favorite little boys.