Friday, August 31, 2012


Finally cool enough the past week for our early morning walks. Love them so much.




Archways of trees- one of my favorite things. 


A few great reads:
And another one for those at home with little ones, Simon Says don't use flashcards.
For all moms, and dads too really, we've got one shot... and sometimes we are failing.
Oh Jen. So funny. So honest... If you have adopted recently or hope to adopt sometime in the future, I think this is a must-read: The Truth About Adoption One Year Later

And other stuff:
I have become a big fan of these scones from Immaculate Baking Company for a quick treat when friends are over. They're no homemade, but really great for a can. (I like cooking them about 13 minutes instead of the 16 it recommends.) For a real splurge I accompany them with the "unclotted cream" from the Alice's Tea Cup cookbook. (Thanks, Murph.)

Listening to lately on Pandora: 
French Cafe Radio, George Winston Radio, and Great Worship Songs for Kids 

Dreaming of Fall, but enjoying the last days of Summer. 
Happy weekend, friends.