Thursday, July 12, 2012

To the Zoo Again

"It's George, Mommy! Curious George!"

So I'm getting the sense as I ask around that not all families love the OKC zoo, but we really like it! Maybe it's because neither Kristian or I went to the zoo a ton growing up so we don't have some big city zoo to compare it to.  It's manageable in size, nice and shaded in most areas, and the boys are totally happy. If nothing else, it's a place we can strap them in the stroller and walk around for an hour or so getting to talk, pointing out animals as we go. 

I know I'm not any sort of animal expert, but they've got everything I'd be interested in... give me a bear, a lion, monkeys, a giraffe and an elephant and I'm a happy girl. 

Our church meets Sunday nights so occasionally on Sunday mornings we will make the drive up there.
Caedmon couldn't be happier, and these are the kind of fun family memories that I love.