Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Mom Walk- Giveaway!

For any moms, or girls who plan to one day be a mother, I have a fun little offer for you.

I've mentioned Sally Clarkson and her ministry to moms several times here, and shared about the influence her work and books have had on my (short) mothering journey.

She has devoted much of her life's work to inspiring, equipping and encouraging mothers who are "in the trenches," drawing from years of experience raising her own four. 

Until I has immersed in this season of life, I hadn't really given much thought to the strength and wisdom needed to not just survive, but to really thrive in this extremely important role of raising children, future adults, to love and serve the Lord, and to love and serve others well.

There are lots of different opinions out there on how to properly raise a child, from discipline methods to schooling choices, and I really value the wisdom available. But I'm sometimes leery of people or methods that try to make every family fit in the same little box on those type decisions, therefore I really appreciate opinions from those who inspire broadly with biblical guidelines, pointing back to Christ.
I value authors, friends and family who inspire ideals like:

Vision for what my role as a Christ-following mother can be...

Days enlivened by an outward-focused worldview...

Creativity in building a home full of beauty (not talking about possessions or spending money here), life, and knowledge...

Discipleship for these small ones in my care day after day...

Embracing difficult moments for how God is using them to change me. 

Sally is one of those authors who I have enjoyed immensely, and benefited from greatly.

And today, she's launching her book The Mom Walk and offering some fun stuff along with it.
You can find The Mom Walk (25% off today only) at Sally’s website along with all of her other books and resources. If you haven't read The Mission of Motherhood, I encourage you to give it a try. Order both together and support her ministry! (Or ask for them as a birthday/early Christmas gift like I often do when I want something!)

Also, Sally is hosting a giveaway on her blog. One winner will receive a free mentor session with her and two more winners will receive her books.Visit her blog to enter at I Take Joy.

Finally, Sally will be hosting a Twitter chat tonight and answering motherhood questions. The hashtag will be #momwalk and it starts at 9pm EST.

Here is a summary of The Mom Walk:
You love being a mom. You are wholeheartedly committed to your children. You long for them to grow up to be mature, loving, fruitful, and faithful followers of God. But you know that means you are called to be that kind of mom. It means you must be faithful on God’s path of motherhood for you.
That is your mom walk. It is how you walk with God as mother. It is how you seek Him, trust Him, live in His grace, and draw on His strength one step of faith at a time. The mom walk is your path:
P: How you walk with Purpose as a mother
A: How you walk with Assurance as a mother
T: How you walk with Trust as a mother
H: How you walk with Heart as a mother 
In The Mom Walk you journey alongside Sally Clarkson in her own walk as a mother after God’s heart. Through her personal stories from twenty-seven years of motherhood, inspiring and challenging truths from Scripture, and spiritual insights from both the dark and light sides of the journey, you will find renewed encouragement for your own mom walk with God.