Thursday, July 19, 2012


I unfortunately don't read many blogs these days due to time, but this week I've caught up on a few great ones. Sharing here for anyone interested...

1. This little post and video at The Gospel Coalition from Jennie Allen and John Piper. Just hit me hard today for some reason.

2. Fewer will find this as interesting, but I did... Some facts about George Whitfield and the money he raised for orphans in the 1700's. 

3. This post by Ann Voskamp a few days ago was so moving.

4. Some honest thoughts here on a real life "Gotcha Day", which is adoption speak for the day you meet and/or bring home your little one. I'm one of those who cries at any video or picture of these I see, so I loved this girl's authenticity about things not always being as they appear. Good to remember.

5. Loved this post on raising individuals, and not a group, by Heather. 

And a few other random things...

I have a TIME magazine from November 1948 (I buy things like that at antique stores. Odd, I know). Was flipping through it the other day while organizing my desk and was just loving some of the ads. This one brought some clarity to the question I always have when I take Kristian's Fedora in the evening...

Made a variation of these breakfast cookies and they were super good. Well, the boys may not have loved them as much, but that just meant I could eat 'em all. 

Lastly, I've loved this song since April when it came out (thanks, Cara Jane) but it struck a new chord with me today as I was driving with the boys.

And this is a heart-cry from my life
to say I love you, Lord, I love you
So take me deeper
I can hear you calling, inviting me in
Into the glorious.