Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just this and that

Caedmon has taken to calling me "June" lately.

As in, "June! More chicken please, June!"

Or, "Caedmon, would you mind handing me that cup?"
"Sure, June."

At first I felt flattered that he somehow found out about the perfect house-wife, Mrs. Clever, and was comparing me to her, but I quickly realized June is also a cartoon character and I guess I remind him of the little dancer/detective girl.
Hmm, ok. Whatever. Makes me laugh almost every time, which makes him laugh too.

Jackson is saying "Mama" all day long and it's so cute.
He's also trying to drop one of his naps which is not as cute.
But he is just the sweetest little guy and has changed so much in the last month. He will finally eat solid food, is all over the place, dances to music, and loves rough-housing with his big brother. They wear the same size diaper and can share most clothes. I'm looking forward to finally having them sleep in the same room once we get back to Oklahoma. 

Yes it's cliche, but it is incredible how quickly they grow and the baby days fade.