Monday, May 21, 2012

Everyday Obedience

Neighbor's sprinklers.

Nearby playground.

And turtle watching.

My favorite find of the week: Sweet Firefly, an adorable ice cream shop.
We will be back often.

J's first bite of ice cream was a big hit.

The past week has been full, in good ways and in, hmm... tiring ways.

Uprooting from home and routines and friends and church will inevitably bring an adjustment period.

But I absolutely love my time with the boys and as Caedmon gets older I find so much enjoyment in exploring and learning and playing along with him.  With his age also comes training and correcting and disciplining, and we are definitely learning as we go in this regard.  Every part of their development is constant, never letting up. Talk about exhausting... and rewarding!

Afternoon activity fail. C was not a fan of the crazy sprinkler that shoots water every which way.
But Jackson loved getting wet and kept crawling into the line of fire.

As I've mentioned often here, I'm often trying to think of ways to love God by serving others along with my children, and for them to experience the heart of Jesus through seeing a life of sacrifice. I am not great at this, but I want to be and I'm praying that the Lord would give me creativity and guidance. That being said, I share a few of the small things we do here as a source of inspiration for anyone else who can relate to this struggle.

I understand that when we give and serve we are not to let the "left hand know what the right is doing", so hopefully anything I share will not be interpretted as boasting, but simply as encouragement in how we can all grow in these things together. I certainly am encouraged as I see other's lives around me, and again, I'm coming from the perspective of a beginner. If anyone else has fun ideas, please email me and share!

Here was one tiny thing that happened recently:
The other day Caedmon was having a rough time finishing his lunch (not because he was full, just distracted or something). We were able to talk for a minute about how there were children who didn't have food. I've never thought this was really an effective argument for getting kids to eat... simply finishing your dinner in no way helps the starving children in other countries, and I don't think it should be used as a guilt tactic.

BUT we were able to talk about how we don't want to throw away our food because we want to be able to use our money to be generous with the children who don't have enough food, not only to buy more food for ourselves.

Caedmon seemed really interested in this and kept talking about "the children whose tummies hurt because they don't have no food."

I had seen earlier in the day that the grocery store up the street was doing a food drive. So right after nap time we talked about the children again and walked up to the store to buy one of the bags.

The prices ranged from $5- $8 per bag.
Easy for us.
Helpful for others in our community.
Meaningful for our kids.
Obedient to the words of Jesus.

We talked after this about how Jesus loves us, so we are to love others. Again, this is small. But I think working these little things into our everyday life is just part of the life of obedience.