Saturday, May 26, 2012

Donut, and a few other things

We are in NYC right now for a quick weekend visit to celebrate the wedding of two wonderful friends. So great.

I'll post more pics and such later, but right now I thought I should give a quick rundown of all that has gone into my mouth today.

Now most of these things were split with Kristian, but not all. It's been a real culinary party and I've loved every second...

Bagel and cream cheese
Egg and cheese sandwich
Lobster Roll
Eel Avocado sushi roll
Nutella Crepe
Chocolate covered pretzels
Bites of Cookie Butter
Sugar snap peas
Chips and hummus
Fried chicken
Mac and cheese
Biscuit with honey butter
Pecan Roll donut
Chocolate cake donut
Latte #2, decaf
5 peanut M&Ms
Another chocolate covered pretzel

That's a remarkable list. You would think we'd never been here before, much less lived here for four and a half years.