Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love today that you...

You may remember I set this frame out in the bathroom during the week of Valentine's to write things I loved about Kristian.  

He was kind to immediately request access to the dry-erase marker as well, and we've been writing things we love about each other almost every day since. 

I must say, it's been a great way to show love and appreciation. And it's super convicting on evenings when I'm frustrated or we've had a "discussion" and I know that before I go to bed I'll be writing a love note. Yikes.

Anyway, I was just folding laundry and thought of my note for Kristian today.

I love today that you...

Carry handkerchiefs. 

(And who knew it was spelled like that? All this time I've been saying HANKERchiefs. Oops.)

My husband may be one of the last men under the age of 75 who carries a cloth hankie (handkie?) everyday, but I think it's charming, and if there are tears to blot or noses to wipe, our family is never in need.

Love that about my man.