Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter at the Museum

These pictures make me laugh.
We went to an Easter event at the Natural History museum last night. Caedmon sat so compliantly with the Easter Bunny, though obviously a bit confused as what was happening. And Jackson was pretty content as well, surprisingly! He was definitely questioning the whole thing, though.

Caedmon waved to Mr. Easter Bunny the whole time we were in line, and then when we got up on the stage he stood there growling like a tiger at him. Then he just sat there, holding his arm like I asked him to. (As he was going to bed last night he kept insisting that he had his picture taken with a big white BEAR, and told me I was wrong when I said it was a rabbit. Maybe that's why he was growling-- self-defense.)

I did not purchase the $50 picture pack. The photographer was so kind to let parents like me just stand behind him and take their own shots.

First face-painting experience. He chose leaves.

He talked about these guys till he fell asleep last night. As I was leaving his room he was still shouting, "Their feet were LONG!"
I guess when you're that small you notice those things.

Caedmon and Hudson are best buds.

This guy melts my heart all day long.

(My nice camera seems to be broken, so phone pics have to do for now.)