Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Working Towards Freedom

Some of you may remember back to 2009 when Kristian traveled with Love146 to Southeast Asia, and I documented a little bit of it here on the blog.

My friend, Cara Jane, sent me this video, along with a blog post from musician, Christy Nockels, yesterday that I found touching. It's a "thank-you" video to all the students who gave through the Passion Conference a few months ago.

What moved me was seeing so many organizations all shown in one video, many whom we are connected with, and most all to see the faces of the children who are being helped and loved because of the organizations' work. (These days, pretty much any picture of any child who is hurting brings me to tears.)

While Kristian was traveling during the 2009 trip, he met some pretty unbelievable people-- Men and women who have devoted their entire lives to serving this population, who have moved their families away from almost every comfort imaginable, and who joyfully and painstakingly are working in prevention and aftercare for victims of human trafficking. I was thankful to be reminded of them today.

I can't embed the video, but take a minute to go watch it here.