Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Toes and Today

It's been occurring to me over and over again the last few days that these little ones are changing quickly.  The way they look, smell, feel, move, sound- it all feels so permanent right now but in reality, today they will be different that they were yesterday, and in two months, completely changed little people.

Sometimes I want certain seasons to pass quickly... waiting for scooting and rolling to turn into crawling, waiting for more coordination so he can play ball better, waiting for feet to grow so they fit in shoes someone gave us... silly things, and usually subconscious. 

But those little feet that are so familiar this morning will be gone in a few weeks, and someday I will really miss them. So today I will notice all the seemingly small (but actually incredibly huge) gifts surrounding me.

"Until we call attention to the moments in our lives, we miss our lives."