Monday, March 05, 2012

Just this and that

I loved reading over this list of ways to bless new mothers! And I've been so blessed by my friends and family who have done so many of these things for me: 100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom

For instance, my in-laws bought me a ticket to the MomHeart conference a few weekends ago, which was an incredible gift. And my friend Lauren got a hotel room for a couple of us friends to
have a slumber party during the conference. And to make it possible for me to attend, my parents and sister watched the boys! HUGE blessings to me! I can't tell them all how thankful I am!
And Kristian's wonderful mom gave us a voucher for babysitting while we go once a month. Wow! (and that's in addition to all the other times she helps us out.)

Oh, what a sweet song this is. My sister sent it to me with the boys in mind.

And this one from Christa Wells... Love it. I've listened to it many times this week.