Friday, March 23, 2012

Flowers in the Dark

My friend texted me the other night after the kids were asleep. 
"Get some scissors and a bag. I'm taking you on an outing."

She picked me up, treated me to some Starbucks to-go, and we drove out past most of the lights of our town to a road less-traveled.

She said these beautiful lilac bushes had just bloomed were in need of trimming.

There were tons of them and we clipped away until our bags were stuffed full. 

We laughed as we planned what we'd say if an officer pulled up and asked what we were doing under the cover of darkness, in black hoodies no less. I mean, we didn't really think the flowers belonged to anyone. They were just in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road.
(Okay, maybe there was kind of an office building right behind them.)

Then we ran back, hopped in the car, and pealed out. Does our deviance astound you?

There are about 6 vase-fulls filling the house. They smell divine and look like purple cotton candy.

And they remind me of spontaneous adventures with incredible friends, and that makes me happy.