Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Half a Year!

I seriously can't believe this boy is six months old.

Jacksie, Jacksie Boo, Jacksonian, Sugar Bear, Brother, Buddy and Sweet Boy are his common nicknames.
And after some Christmas confusion, Caedmon has started calling him Baby Jesus.

He is such a different baby than Caedmon was. There are many similarities, but I love how they have their own personalities and temperaments.

He is pretty keen on being held always. He's a cuddler and a nuzzler.

Jackson melts our hearts with his smiles. And he smiles all the time.
He smiled at a very young age and doesn't need any coaxing. You just look at him and his face lights up.

He does not sleep through the night, and never has. I take most of the blame. We worked so hard with Caedmon on his sleeping habits and with Jackson I've just fed him when he wakes up about once or twice a night because it's the easiest way to get him back to sleep. My fault. I'd continue to wake up in the night too if I knew someone was going to offer me a delicious meal. We'll work on it.

And maybe all that feeding is why he's such a "healthy" little fellow. He's so big. And by big I mean fat.
We skipped right on over the 6-9 month clothing and now he's in almost all 12 month. Love it.
He wears a larger diaper than his two year old brother.

Jackson has brought such fun and activity to our home. I personally enjoy having two babes much more than one. I like the constant activity.... that is, as long as they will both nap at the same time and give me a few minutes of quiet! Most days that happens, which is really good for my sanity.

This boy truly is a delight and such a treasured addition to our family.
How blessed we've been to parent Jackson Justus for six months.
I pray for many, many more.
I continually pray that these boys of ours would come to know their need of God's saving power through Christ. I pray that they would love both God and people passionately, that they would devote their loves to serving Him no matter what their vocation, and that they would possess Christ-like humility.