Sunday, February 26, 2012

A few (belated) Valentine's Day words about my Love...

Pursues truth
Speaks boldly
Serves humbly

Inspires thoughtfulness
Points to Christ
Acts on his convictions

Humbly admits fault
Seeks forgiveness
Recognizes grace

One of my favorite pastimes is watching Kristian be a father. 
He's incredible at it and our sons have no idea how blessed they are to have him as their Daddy.
Some of the best sounds in our house come from behind Caedmon's closed door at night as he and Kristian sing together before bed. Just the best.
Caedmon has gotten in the habit of randomly saying to me throughout the day, "Where Daddy? I miss Daddy."

Most nights, long after the boys are in bed, we eat ice cream together. Kristian usually fixes it for us because he's good at it.
He often brings in a fun breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning.
He is so appreciative of every single thing I cook or prepare and is constantly telling me so.

He takes care of me. 
He writes me little notes and texts to tell me he loves me.
He makes me laugh all the time.
He's the one in our family who handles the finances and lots of the general administrative stuff. 
For that, I am beyond thankful.

He is imperfect, and so am I.
We can be negligent with each other's feelings.
I guess we will always be learning how to love each other better.

But Kristian is constant and strong.
He chooses me over himself time after time.
He is a man who can be trusted.
I love my Valentine with all my heart!