Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Water Fountain

He kept running back to the water fountain, maybe 30 feet from the indoor jungle gym where we were playing the other day with some friends.

He called, "Mama! Mama!" so I'd come give him a boost.

After the second or third time I was getting a teensy bit annoyed because going to lift him up meant finding a place to set down Jackson and pausing the conversation with my friend for the 40th time.

But, me not going would really just be selfish. He was merely fascinated with the new liquid-producing contraption. I'm always trying to get him to drink more water anyway, so I didn't want to discourage it.

I handed the baby to my friend, walked over and scooped up my little two-year old.

I pressed the button and he let the water splash against his cheek. He actually wasn't too interested in drinking, but more in washing his face with an occasional gulp here and there.

As I stood there hunched over, balancing him on my knee and trying to keep my thumb on the button, I realized how great it is to witness my children experience all their "firsts." I think about this somewhat regularly, but it's fun to try and recognize even the smallest ones.

He will drink from countless water fountains throughout his life, but I am the lucky girl who gets to hold him up for his first sips.

Sweet baby J  playing on the floor the other day. 
He is such a happy baby with the biggest smiles.