Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Am I Talking To?

I've been praying lately (well, this actually seems to always be my prayer) that I would know God more.

To know God more requires spending more time in scripture, and more time in prayer.

These are both areas that I can always grow in, and really desire to, but sometimes let "life" get in the way.

But what is life without my relationship with God? What am I apart from him?
Sometimes I struggle to get my priorities in place.

I was praying the other morning in a moment of what felt like chaos (it had been a rough, long night and my patience was unfortunately wearing thin with my sweet boys) and I suddenly felt frustrated at a feeling of disconnect from God.  I felt like I didn't even know how to connect with the one I was talking to, and I was disappointed with myself. 

He says ask, seek, and knock and I will find Him. Sometimes I just am too busy and distracted to do those things. 
Again, priorities.

This afternoon, nap time was going really smoothly... a true gift! I was working on my Etsy shop orders and thanked God for the few minutes of quiet to get these things done.

Then, I realized that, though I felt like I had a ton to do with no time to pause, the best thing I could use the few moments for was to just spend time with Him. Put down the orders, close the computer, and get out my Bible.

So I did.

And now my baby has awoken, so I must go, and leave this to be continued....