Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Place Cards from Central Park

We had several wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations while living in New York City, and I find myself missing it today!

We watched the Macy's Parade a few years right above Harold's Square from Kristian's office, dined at a family-style Italian Restaurant one year, and ate right on the ice of the Rockefeller rink another. Such wonderful memories!

Our Thanksgiving this year will look quite different, but it's our first time to host and I'm excited. Though we are all the way across the country in Oklahoma, there will still be a little bit of the City on our table.

These little place cards are are made with Central Park twigs. I'm sure it's highly illegal to take them from the park, but I acted ignorant and gathered a few one day, along with some bigger sticks to make the valance for Caedmon's nursery.