Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A little sightseeing, Oklahoma style

One of the many, and I mean many, perks of living in Norman, Oklahoma, is that the famous Route 66 runs just about 30 minutes north of us. 

And on this famed route one can find not one, but three, record setting sites within 5 miles of each other.

A couple Sundays ago we ventured out to take a look.

First off, you pass the (second) largest cross in America.

Next, you'll find yourself staring at the largest "pop" bottle in all the land, sitting right outside Pops, a kind of fancy gas station with every soda you could ever, ever imagine.

And last, but certainly not least is America's only true round barn.
Now don't try to say you've seen another round barn, and certainly don't bring a picture of it to the owner of this barn.  He'll make a mockery of you by posting it in his gift shop and dispelling your lies.

(clearly folks, it's not round.)

Now, there's rumored to be another true round barn in or around Ardmore, OK.
We're going to need a picture.

I personally found the smattering of international barns interesting....

In the round barn loft...

Auntie and Jackson

 Oh the joy of round barns!

Barn kisses

Jackson likes this place

Caedmon liked the huge plastic horse.

Pops was fun, delicious, and everything but nutritious. 

Hello largest Pop bottle in America

Hello slathered, fried goodness.

A delightful Sunday jaunt!