Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just Life

A recent series of events has led to an unfortunate outcome....

Caedmon and I have a little thing where I say "Who loves you, Caedmon?"
And he says "Daddy!", or "Mama!", and various other people.

Also recently he was in the presence of one of our friends dressed in the Chick-fil-A cow mascot costume and he has been referring to him as the "Big Moo" ever since.

ALSO recently I've been saying, "Caedmon, how much does mommy love you?" and he says, "BIG!"

Well, the last few weeks he has mistakenly combined the phrases in his head, and now when I ask him, "Who loves you, Caedmon?", he replies "Big Moo Mama!"

I've decided not to be offended.

You know you have a toddler in your house if...

You can't leave your phone around because he knows how to unlock it and find the camera app.

You can't leave your earrings and cup of water next to each other.

You read lots of Dr. Seuss.

You drink pumpkin smoothies on the kitchen floor.

You try to take pictures but they don't really turn out as planned.

(lovely focused shot of a flip-flop and green ball)

 Then said toddler takes over the picture-taking. 
You dive to the the ground to try and make it in his shot 
so he won't insist on trying over and over and over again.

I love my little toddler. He keeps me laughing all day (in between the times I'm trying to think of creative ways to say "No!" so I'm not just saying "No!" all day.)

He enjoys doing push-ups and pull-ups with Daddy, running "fast!" all over the house, playing outside, getting kisses on his boo-boo's, and showing us his muscles. 

He has such a sweet heart and we are loving this phase. 

More on our little Jackson Justus coming soon.