Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just a few days late...

We had a fun little Halloween.

Caedmon didn't want to wear the spider costume we borrowed from a friend so we just put him in some camo clothes and boots and he was...hmm... a hunter? A soldier? Or maybe just an Oklahoma boy.

We went to a little gathering for families through the law school so I dressed up as a flower. (I'm sure I've said it before here, but I'm kind of a Halloween Scrooge. It's never been my favorite holiday.  Now that I have kids it's much more fun, though!)  So, that being said, I prefer costumes that don't require me to buy anything, and that could almost pass as normal clothing if need be.

This is Caedmon pre-haircut.

Made this little flower headband using this tutorial. 

In the evening we Trick or Treated at our friends' house across the street. They are an older couple and are so sweet to the boys.  They had us in for candy and cupcakes and cider. Caedmon just wore his pumpkin pj's.

Sadly I didn't get one single picture of Jackson besides this one on my phone. We made him wear the spider!