Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 9: Two Compelling Artists

The last few weeks I've really been loving Shaun Groves' newest album, Third World Symphony, and Sara Groves' newest, Invisible Empires. (And the two Groves' have no relation!)

I'm so encouraged when artists use their gifts to serve and bless others, and that's just what these two are doing.

completely unrelated fall pumpkin picture
Shaun is a representative for Compassion International and has been deeply impacted by the plight of much of the third world. He and his family have changed much of their lifestyle to help. Serving in this capacity isn't just a way to check off his 'charity' goal; it's his life.

Check out this site and watch the short video behind the reason for the new album.
And there's a free song download!

If you know me, you know of my love for Sara Groves.  She does a lot of work with International Justice Mission. For Sara too, the call to serve the poor and needy seems to be one that has affected her at the level of her identity.

Sara's lyrics are consistently real and thought-provoking, something I so value in music. You can sample all the songs on Invisible Empires here. I love it.

Big brother and me almost exactly one year ago.
Look at those legs.