Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 8: Connecting With Great-Grandparents

Sometimes I forget how much my (and Kristian's) grandparents love to be a part of my children's lives. I'm not always great about forging that connection, but am trying to improve.

If you have children, and those children have great grandparents, take this amazing opportunity to connect.

Folks of that generation (and really any generation!) love receiving real paper mail. They'd be absolutely delighted to receive a special note or drawing from their great grandchild.

I know I often let way too much time pass without telling my grandparents how much I love and appreciate them.

So Monday Caedmon made a card for one set of his great grandparents who he doesn't see often with a little drawing, and then today we sent a card to another. We're so blessed to have these people in our lives and should take advantage of every minute!