Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day 5: Embracing the Ordinary

I sat on the little deck out back with Jackson in my lap and watched Caedmon play.

After several attempts, he finally mastered climbing up the little jungle jim set, given to us by a neighbor, and slid down all by himself.

When did he grow up? 

Some moments he still is a baby, and others a little boy. 

I sat there feeling a little nostalgic and almost tearful as I watched him play. He was so very proud of his climbing accomplishment.

In the blink of an eye he will be grown. I dread it passing too quickly. I know I must embrace these moments with my children now. 

One day, Lord willing, I may have the honor of dancing with him at his wedding and I have a feeling these mental photographs will flood my memory and I'll wonder where in the world these days went. 

"Mama!," he shouted, shaking me from my thoughts, wanting me to watch his extraordinary sliding skills again. He clapped excitedly as he sat in dirt at the foot of the slide.

My eyes welled up a little and I clapped too.

These small accomplishments are monumental.

Later in the evening I held Jackson on the couch as he slept.  I needed to get up, put him down, and get to work around the house, but I just wanted to freeze time. I've seen how quickly all this passes with my first baby.  I'm grateful for this second chance to embrace the little moments.

Sometimes the hours in a day seem long and repetitive and filled with mindless, tiresome work, constant training, correcting, redirecting, feeding, and cleaning up messes. 

But all the tasks are worthwhile.  If done in order to love my Savior, to glorify him, and to serve the family he has given me, they are so worthwhile.  He's given me these little souls to tend and I pray I don't miss all the joy that comes with that.