Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Day 3: Buy Deodorant

Yes, you should be Compelled By Love to buy deodorant, and wear it, but that's not what today's challenge is about...

I recently attended a Girl's Night Out type evening that a few friends host every once in a while. It's just a fun time of eating and talking and encouragement in one of their homes.  We even did a craft :)

A few days before we were supposed to meet one of the girls who would be attending suggested we think of a way to bless others outside the group, even through what was just a fun little get-together. She called a local center that serves families in need and they said they were in need of deodorant to give out.

So all the women attending the get-together were encouraged to bring at least one deodorant.  The day after the gathering, the family center received a big bag full of deodorant to give away to those they serve.

I loved this.  It is a luxury that we as women were able to meet and just enjoy a few hours together.  But there's no need for it to stop there.  We have plenty of resources that I think we should constantly be thinking of ways to use to bless others.

A stick of deodorant is pretty minuscule, and hardly even worth mentioning as a "donation", but the principle is a good one.

At your next gathering with friends or family (Halloween parties, playgroups, church community groups, girl's night out, family reunion, baby shower, wedding shower....), consider thinking a little outside the box! 

Call a local center that serves families, a children's home, or a homeless shelter. Ask what they need, and then meet it! It really is so simple, and is a great reminder that our resources are not our own, but given to us to manage wisely and generously.