Monday, October 03, 2011

Day 2: Do Something You've Been Putting Off

Don't you just hate when you have something hanging over you that you really need to take care of or follow through on but just haven't made time? Maybe something that involves following through with another person?

For me it usually just stems out of laziness or being too self-focused and not making the time to reach out.

Then there's sometimes that awkwardness where you semi avoid seeing the person after too much time has gone by because you know you need to follow through and just feel rude now.

Or maybe that's just me?

I've had one such case recently.  Someone I didn't know very well did something very kind for me, and though I had verbally thanked them, I really needed to follow up with a card or little gift.

So enough excuses!

Today the boys and I made time to tie a little card to a Fall candle and walked it over to this kind neighbor's home a few streets away.

Now I can quit ducking down in the car when I drive by her!

Today is the day to put on kindness and love someone well!