Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 12: Write a Thank-You Note

My husband has really been the most influential in the thank-you writing area of my life.

Even back in high school he was a thank-you writer, which really impressed me. Most guys his age were not.

Kristian back in high school! Found this a few months ago in a box of stuff in my parent's garage. 

Since then, he is always the first in our family to write a thank -you note and the one who makes sure they get done. I really appreciate that about him (though I don't always act like it).  He even will write me a thank-you and has occasionally mailed it back to me, a true sign of love from my very thrifty man.

Along with this post, I'm taking a few minutes today to finish the baby thank-you's I have yet to complete. (I'm so sorry if you're due one and haven't received it yet!)

Here are a couple thoughts on gift thank-you's (totally my opinions, no proper etiquette researched here):

-Always state what the gift was. (I've received a thank-you or two and thought, "Wow, they have absolutely no idea what I gave them!", and I'm sure someone has received one of those from me!)
-Mention how the gift will be used or enjoyed.
-Express how nice it was to see the friend, either in the past, or at a future time.
-Maybe even give a "gift" back in words: Why are you thankful for them? What makes them a wonderful friend? Why are you compelled by their generosity?
-Repeat the thanks in closing.

Just For Fun:

Here are a couple great tips from Emily Post's website on getting kids excited about writing thank-you notes!

Check out these free printable Thank-You's from Jones Design Company!