Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 10: One of the Best Gifts to Give

I have the opportunity to bless and serve my family in ways unimaginable through one single gift: Prayer. 
Praying for them is one of the ways I can best love them.

Baby Caed last June, Central Park
Over the years I've tried different methods for consistently spending focused time in prayer for my loved ones. I can't say I've done an excellent job in this area. My prayers are usually quick ones throughout the day as thoughts arise.

But I so desire to spend intentional, set-apart time praying for them and for all the many different areas of life that need prayer. 

Baby Jackson at about 2 months
For the last year I have used two simple prayer calendars from the Inspired to Action blog, one for my husband and one for my children, and they have been extremely helpful in keeping me on track. I need the reminders in front of my face.

One set is up on the side of my fridge where I can see them from the kitchen sink, one set is taped in the back of my journal, and the calendar for the children is hanging framed in their room over the changing table.

(If you are making anyone's lunches, it's great to have these quick verses/prayers up in the fridge so you can jot a quick note of encouragement on a napkin!) 

For the people in my life I want to pray for besides my husband and children (parents, siblings, in-laws, grandparents, a handful of close friends, and a few other things like neighborhood, city, country, etc.) I keep a weekly schedule in the back of my journal where each person is assigned to a day. It's the best way I've found to stay consistent!

(Wanted to mention that this post is about prayer as a tool for loving and serving others.  Prayer is also much more than that and is primarily a way of communing with and loving God!)