Sunday, October 02, 2011

Day 1: The Five Minute Rule

Several years ago, my aunt, who I greatly respect and love, shared with me a little secret of hers that has proven to be a blessing to her family over the years.

It's always stuck with me and I try to implement it in my home, though definitely not always successfully.

It's the Five Minute Rule and it's very simple.

There are four times of day when the rule should be applied:
-First thing in the morning
-Departure for the day
-Return Home

The idea is to focus on making the first five minutes of these four times a day with each family member (or even roommates!) happy ones....
Greet your husband or wife cheerfully in the morning. Make them feel that you are actually excited to be living this life with them!
Greet your waking children with enthusiastic voices and loving words.

Leading up to anyone's departure from the home in the morning (or your own) work to make those last few minutes pleasant ones-- moments that will bless that person after they leave your presence. Put grudges and petty things behind you and offer a happy departing word or kisses and hugs.

When reuniting with your family in the evening, again show them that there's nowhere you'd rather be than in your home with them. Show excitement. Give hugs. Ask about days.

Same idea at bedtime. Focus on the other people rather than yourself. Offer words of encouragement and blessing.

Think of it: All together this is just about 20 minutes of your entire day, but what a difference those minutes could make in the lives of the people you love.  They will be blessed and so will you!

A note here: Don't be fake or contrived. People see right through that. And of course it's not always possible to apply this, but the idea is just to make these "coming and going" moments pleasant ones that bless those in your life.