Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Wreath

Spend $0 (use all materials I already have in the house)
Spend less than 30 minutes
Create a cheery little greeting at our front door for each season

These boys are keeping me busy and I haven't had much time for decor type activities lately. But that's ok. My children are a little more important than my wreath.

I still stuck with the $0 goal. That's actually one of the reasons this took me so long... I couldn't find anything around my house that was quick and easy and fall-ish! I almost caved and bought some ribbon, but in the end nothing was purchased.

Though I just threw together pieces at different times over the last few days, I think it still took about 30 minutes. I sewed the little pennant ribbon together one afternoon, but already had my sewing machine out so it only took a couple minutes. As you can see, I didn't even remove the black thread that was already in the machine from the other project I was working on. 

Well, since I literally fell asleep four times while typing this short post, I better be heading to bed. We aren't quite sleeping through the night yet :)