Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our 6th Anniversary!

It was a day filled with romance, flowers....
music, love notes...
walks on the beach, a fancy dinner....

and firetrucks, or course.

It was actually none of the above, except the firetruck.  And I'd even say that despite the reality of the day, there was romance as well.

We woke at about 6am to our crying newborn who's sleeping in our room.  We both jump up and start working together to change his explosive diaper-- stripping him down, grabbing wipes and new clothes and diapers and such in our still-dark room.

In the midst of it all, Kristian, leaning over the dirty baby and working patiently says,"Hey babe, Happy Anniversary."

I laugh and think how sweet it is that he actually remembered in the midst of this episode. And I felt very thankful for the first few moments together on our 6th Anniversary... just real life.

Then he tells me to get back in bed and try to sleep a little more (Grammy was staying for the weekend helping with Caedmon as I continued to recover. Amazing!)
He says he wants to bring me breakfast in bed and asks what I'd like.
I choose a donut. We have found the most incredible donuts nearby and I admit I wake up on Saturday mornings (and other mornings) with nothing else on my mind.

He says he will be back shortly with my request and I fall back to sleep with baby.

I wake up a couple hours later with no breakfast, but a message on my phone from Kristian saying the car battery had almost died and he had to run it by the shop. This turned into a big ordeal and another shop and poor Kristian was very sorry for not having my donut to me, but was trying to get the car situation taken care of quickly so we'd have it operational by Monday. I felt bad for him, and couldn't care less about the donut.

He returned after a while but was still left with several things to do on the car himself.
He was in the driveway working on it, Caedmon and Grammy were playing in the front yard, and I was inside feeding Jackson when Kristian comes rushing in the door and into the kitchen, throwing his hand under the cold sink water. He'd been shocked by the car battery and burned his hand badly.

He was in a lot of pain so I called our nurses hotline at the hospital to ask what might be best to alleviate it. She asked me all sorts of questions and proceeded to tell us we must call 911 immediately because Kristian might have a heart attack any moment from the electric shock.

Better safe than sorry, so we called even though he felt fine besides his burned finger.

Within a few minutes, and much to Caedmon's delight, a big red fire truck comes racing down our street with all the lights and sirens. Four guys with lots of gear come bursting in the house and ask who has been shocked.

Kristian kind of laughs and says it was him and that he feels fine but they check his vital signs just to be sure.

Very thankfully, he did not have a heart attack on our sixth anniversary.  The rest of the day was filled with babies and diapers and chores and errands, but ended delightfully with a Thai dinner out together (and with Jackson but he slept the whole time), and was topped off with a shared ice cream from Maggie Moo's.

I felt overwhelmingly grateful all day to just be living life alongside Kristian.  It's such a blessing, and a blast, to be his wife. I'm incredibly thankful for the past six years.