Monday, August 08, 2011

Jackson's Birthday

Even though it came 10 days late, a naturally occurring labor was so exciting for us since I had to be induced last time resulting in a really rough experience.

I labored most of the day at home with Kristian by my side and my mom, dad, and Anne watching Caedmon and taking care of things around the house.

We finally went in to the hospital around 4pm and things really starting ramping up quickly. It was intense and extremely painful, but we were working hard through it.

Once again, Kristian was the most incredible coach anyone could hope for.

We didn't have a doula this time around but we did have Anne there for support and to help Kristian as needed. She was invaluable and I'm so thankful she could share that with us (and I hope she's not traumatized for life!)

Everything seemed to be on track and the whole pregnancy Jackson had been in a great position. My midwife thought I would be ready to push any minute and was surprised when things seemed to be stalling, and a little surprised at the agony I was experiencing.

They did a final check and found Jackson had basically arched his neck back and his head was stuck in an incorrect position... and the doctor who was rushed in said he was only coming out by Csection.

Within minutes they had me ready for the operating room and were sticking the epidural in my back. I have to say at this point I was extremely thankful for the relief and really didn't care that they were cutting open my belly. From that point on everything was quite surreal and dreamlike.

Kristian was suited up and sitting next to me, holding my hand that was shaking uncontrollably from the meds. I heard a little cry come from the other side of the curtain draped across my body and was overwhelmed with thankfulness.

Jackson was a bit bruised and scraped from his difficult decent attempt, and very swollen, but he was healthy and safely in our arms.

The surprise Csection obviously brought with it a lot we weren't expecting as far as recovery goes. But our families have been AMAZING in helping. I think my mom is going on her fourth week here.

The most difficult part of it all has been not being able to be with Caedmon much.  I'm in bed a lot of the day, unable to drive or lift anything heavier than Jackson, so others have been attending to all Caed's needs.  It's been hard on both of us (though he has loved the time with his grandparents, Auntie, and Daddy!). But as a sweet friend reminded me, this too shall pass!

Even at his young age he has been so sweet with his brother, constantly saying "Beebee" and wanting to kiss his forehead or tickle his feet. Sweet boy.

This unexpected down-time has provided a welcomed opportunity to think and pray and read and I already sense new things God wants to teach me.

Thank you so very much to all you wonderful friends and family who have called, messaged, sent cards visited, offered help, sent flowers, and are bringing food. The Lord is providing greatly for our needs through you all.