Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Wife

To commemorate the 28th anniversary of my bride entering the world, I am going to briefly hijack this blog to share a few thoughts about her. Many of you who read this will already know these things, but as I reflect on God's grace in her life today, I think they bear repeating.

  1. Katy is generous with her love. Constantly seeking to serve and encourage others, she is a continual reminder of the abiding love of Christ.
  2. Katy is humble in conflict. Slow to speak harshly, and quick to repent, she is a continual reminder of our abiding forgiveness in Christ.
  3. Katy is beautiful. Outwardly captivating and inwardly alluring, she is a continual reminder of the all-surpassing grandeur of God.
  4. Katy is creative. Artistically adroit and musically rapturous, she is a continual reminder of the brilliance of our Creator.
  5. Katy is exemplary in parenting. Ever-patient and expressively enthusiastic, she is a continual reminder of the perfect pleasure the Father receives from his children's' joy.
  6. Katy is uncompromising in her character. With consistent integrity and vigilant goodness, she is a continual reminder of the perfect righteousness of our King.
  7. Katy is extravagant with her baking. Whether producing cookies, cakes, or cobblers, she is a constant reminder of my pitiful lack of self-control (I've been known to eat a full dozen hot cookies from the cooling rack before the next batch is even out of the oven - but just once). She is also a continual reminder of the richness of the Gospel fare.
Katy is a trophy of grace, and the fact that she loves a pitiful wretch like me so faithfully is a divine testimony to the redemptive power of the cross and the reality of the reconciling Gospel of Jesus. I am immensely thankful for her today - the 28th anniversary of her first breath.

Katy, thank you for daily leading me to worship our God. May he carry us in faith, hope, and love with every breath we take together, for as long as we both shall live.

Your adoring husband,