Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 4- It's Almost Friday!

Thursday, 8/25/2011

Alarm set for:
6am, but I turned it off at 5:33 when both babes were up crying and it didn't look like that extra 30 minutes was going to be happening. However, Kristian went in and laid down with Caedmon, Jackson fell back to sleep, and we all slept until 7!

Highs & Successes:
-Dancing with Caed in the living room. He does a really awesome chicken dance.
-Tickling same boy on the big comfy mat in his room.

-Nicole came back today to eat lunch with us. We love visitors!
-Started jotting down "thanks" in my journal at 5:30 while getting the coffee going. It was still very dark.

- Got about 20 minutes of sleep in the living room (and a few minutes to blog) while both boys napped. Bliss! 

-Jackson slept in his bassinet for over two hours this morning. He has preferred being held during the day- always, which I adore, but I also had to get some packing done because...

-We are going to attempt a last-minute trip to Dallas this weekend! I'm sure I'll have my fair share of stories about the two three-hour car rides, and all the ways this will mess up the sleep rhythms we're settling into, but oh well. We leave tonight!

- In an attempt to will Fall into being I added cinnamon to the coffee grounds this morning, which I did all last Fall. It's so delicious.

- Speaking of coffee, my friend emailed and said I should consider investing in one of these. Love it, and love you, Murph!

Lows & Fails:
-Um, this...

-Big brother continues to throw his unwanted food off his tray and onto the floor every single meal. We have employed all sorts of discipline measures and encouragement and reasoning, and he persists. I was reminded in a parenting book recently that it's child-training, often times long and slow, and you won't always see immediate results. I'm needing some results soon though. Or a new dust buster. 

-I was reminded why I hardly ever talk on the phone. I had three failed attempts with two of my close friends and my sister today. Things were pretty calm and then the second I got on the phone both children, three times, started either screaming or crying or throwing food or spilling milk. Yikes. I will call you all back soon. Or maybe email.

-We've managed to loose all cup lids except one so I have three drink choices up on the counter and switch the lid accordingly. (Maybe this is a success?)

-And finally, I was really feeling proud of myself for getting out the vacuum and starting on the living room until I realized that all food and dust particles were entering the machine and then flying back at my legs and onto the floor in a trail behind me. A reminder that we are out of vacuum bags. Duly noted.

Read today:
Psalm 25 and Proverbs 25

Listening to:
"Shane and Shane" Pandora station, and Christa Wells' new EP.

Memorable moment:
Peeking around the corner of the kitchen into the living room and catching a glimpse of brotherly love/intimidation as Caedmon showed Jackson his "strong man" flexed arm muscles and fists.